Would you risk driving without a seatbelt?

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Would you risk driving without a seatbelt?

Posted by Richard Sinclair

Motorists are putting themselves at risk of breaking the law by failing to buckle up or using a mobile phone while driving, a new campaign in Derbyshire has highlighted.

The latest Operation Safedrive day, which was set up in Ashbourne with support from the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, found that many motorists are placing question marks over road safety.

In a monitoring of the town's road which passes Ashbourne Fire Station on February 17th, 44 drivers were caught behind the wheel without wearing a seatbelt.

Furthermore, 14 people broke the law over this date by using their mobile phone while driving, with another 11 motorists using a car which had tyre defects.

A couple of road users were also found to be using a car which had window tinting below the legal visibility levels, while one driver was cautioned for a number plate offence and another due to their manner of driving.

The checks were carried out by a number of police officers, alongside PCSOs from both the Casualty Reduction and Enforcement Support Team and the area's local Safer Neighbourhood policing teams.

Sergeant Steve Edwards, who is part of the region's Safer Neighbourhood Team, noted that Operation Safedrive aims to educate drivers more about the risks of driving dangerously and how people can make their commutes safer.

He added: "People really need to be aware of the serious risks they are taking if they don't wear a seat belt or use a mobile phone when they should be giving their full attention to the road."

In a separate study carried out by Tesco Cars, it was found that 11 per cent of vehicles in the UK have one or more brake lights missing, with 3.7 million motors seen to have such serious problems regarding these systems that they would be unable to pass a MOT test.ADNFCR-2370-ID-801307611-ADNFCR

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