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Technology & Accessories

A range of Gadget Dad approved accessories including Dash Cams, Parking Sensors, Air Compressors, Smart Battery Chargers and more...

Dash Cams

The latest, must have safety accessory to have in your car! In car camera recorders automatically record all events whilst you're driving, or, for certain models, even when the...

Parking Assistance

Park and manoeuvre like a master with our excellent range of parking sensors and reverse camera kits.

Additional Lighting

Need more light? Check out our ranges of Daylight Running Lights, HID work lights, LED inspection lights and anything else that might light up your life!

Maintenance Parts

Smart battery chargers, air compressors, bulb holders, bungee cords, jubilee clips, insulation tape and more...everything you need to maintain your pride and joy.

Extra Accessories

A selection of extra accessories to keep your motoring on track. Jump leads, parking permit holders and air fresheners all available at great prices.

Technology & Accessories

Looking for those handy little extras that make motoring that little bit better? Then look no further.

Here you'll find a fantastic selection of automotive gadgets, accessories, garage essentials and lighting to brighten up your day.

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