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  • Maximum Vision – Do you want the most light possible on the road? This is the option for you.

  • Green/Eco – If you want to save petrol as well as the environment you want this option.

  • Vision & Style – Are you looking to stand out from the crowd and add some style to your headlights? Select this option.

  • Long Life – If you donít want to have to change your bulbs any time soon, fit and forget, then this is what you are looking for.

  • Off Road – If you are looking to see as far as possible off the road or to look great at a show, these bulbs are for you.

  • Standard Bulbs – If youíre looking to replace a broken or blown bulb like for like then here it is. Now youíre here why not have a look at upgrading to a safer and brighter bulb.



D4S (35W) HID Bulbs

A selection of high quality replacement D4S HID Xenon headlight bulbs

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D4S OSRAM Ultra Life 35W Xenon HID Bulb
SKU: 66440ULT

  • Original Equiptment Qaulity with added lifetime
  • Fit and forget with up 150,000 miles of lifetime
  • Massive 10 year Osram guarantee

In Stock

D4S OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited Xenarc +70% 12V 35W Xenon Bulb
SKU: 66440XNB

  • 70% more light on the road for increased safety at night
  • 20m longer beam pattern improving visibility and allowing hazards to be seen sooner giving you more time to react
  • 5% whiter light reducing eye strain and making night driving more comfortable and safer for you and other road users
  • The brightest Xenon bulb in the world

In Stock
RRP: £149.99  | save 63%

D4S OSRAM Cool Blue Intense 12V 35W 5000K Xenon HID Bulb
SKU: 66440CBI
| Customer Rating:

  • Have factory fitted D4S bulbs and want an upgrade? No problem.
  • +20% more light than standard D4S bulbs.
  • Crisp white light with subtle blue tint.
  • Perfect for those wanting to add a bit of style to their vehicle.

In Stock
RRP: £149.99  | save 73%

D4S Philips Vision 35W 4300K Xenon HID Bulb
SKU: 42402VIC1
| Customer Rating:

D4S Philips Vision 35W 4300K Xenon HID Bulb. Replacement D4S fitting bulb from Philips.
In Stock
RRP: £135.00  | save 51%

D4S OSRAM Original Xenarc Standard Replacement 35W 4300K Xenon HID Bulb
SKU: 66440

The new Osram D4S Xenon HID Bulb is a direct replacement for the factory fitted HID bulbs installed in some high end vehicles.

In Stock
RRP: £135.99  | save 74%

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5 products found  See All
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D4S (35W) HID Bulbs

Replacement bulbs for factory fitted (OEM) Xenon HID headlights that use D4S type headlight bulbs.

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