H.I.D. FAQ's

  1. Are HID systems easy to install?

    Yes. Our HID systems are what we believe to be the easiest systems to install. This is because they do not require seperate relay systems or wiring harnesses to connect to the battery. There is no wire cutting involved when fitting these and all connectors are plug and play and can only be plugged together in the correct way. Full installation instructions are included. If in any doubt however we do suggest you get an auto electrician to install them.

  2. What is Xenon Light?

    The xenon bulb is a micro discharge bulb filled with a mixture of noble gases including Xenon. The bulb has no filament as is the case with a halogen lamp. The light is created by striking and arc between 2 electrodes. The xenon lamp needs a starter for quick ignition and an electronic ballast to function properly.

  3. What are the advantages of Xenon Light?

    The xenon lamp produces about 3 times as much light as a halogen lamp whilst only consuming just over half the power. Therefore the driver can see more clearly and the car is more economical to run. The light produced by the Xenon bulb is similar to daylight. Research has shown that this enhances driver concentration and thus safety. The life expectancy of the xenon lamp is up to 5 times longer than a halogen type bulb and only needs replacing in exceptional cases.

  4. Doesn't the use of Xenon lamps cause more irritation amongst other drivers?

    The International regulations governing light distribution and intensity on the road are very strict. Xenon light falls well within these standards. Technically speaking, xenon lighting is less irritating than halogen lamps. This is because the light darkness transition border are much more clearly defined. Less light is reflected into the eyes of oncoming drivers. The increased light output is used to give more homogeneous light distribution and to improve the illumination of the verges.

  5. Why is it that Xenon light sometimes causes irritation to oncoming drivers?

    In normal conditions drivers look straight ahead. Due however to the conspicuous colour of the new technology drivers are more inclined to look into other cars headlights. The same phenomenon was experienced with the introduction of halogen lamps in the sixties. In those days drivers spoke of those 'irritating white lights'. Everybody will gradually become accustomed to this type of light as they did to the introduction of yellow lights in France and the use of a third brake light.

  6. Are these HID systems road legal?

    Aftermarket HID systems are not road legal due to the fact you cannot 'E' mark a bulb that is of different type to the bulb it is replacing (ie HID for halogen). Therefore we can only sell these as off road use conversions.