LED Bulbs Info

ABD.co.uk is a leading supplier of automotive LED bulbs. We carry a comprehensive range of both 12V and 24V LED bulbs.

While the technology for retrofitting headlight bulbs to LED is still yet to be perfected, virtually all other bulbs can be changed to LED. It's the simplicity of fit that most of our customers are surprised about, as it's typically just a case of swapping out the old tech for the new. It's quite astonishing how much faster and more intense a LED bulb is compared with to a standard filament bulb, while also featuring a much longer lifespan, far less heat generation and running on a much lower wattage, therefore consuming less power.

As LEDs run on a much lower wattage than a standard filament bulb, newer vehicles may experience false 'bulb failure' warning lights on the dashboard. To solve this, many of our bulbs are CAN-Bus compatible, meaning they can communicate with your vehicles ECU. In a small minority of vehicles however, CAN-Bus bulbs may still be incompatible. It's difficult to predict which cars may experience issues, so we always recommend trying them out and if you have problems, we can offer you an exchange or full refund.

When fitted, many of our customers have been so impressed, they've replaced everything they can to LED. You too can benefit from this new technology and we're now able to supply LED for the most common fog light sizes in H1, H3, H8 and H11.

Now that you know you can upgrade your stop & tails, reverse, indicators, side repeaters and fogs to LED, did you know you can also upgrade your dashboard & interior bulbs? We offer a wide selection in each fitting and application, so you can choose the colour or intensity required.