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Many factors can influence whether you need to change your wiper blades. If the weather is hot this can make the blade rubbers go hard and winter weather conditions will produce dirt and grit which can be very abrasive. Your rear wiper blade if fitted can often be more vulnerable as the aerodynamic properties of many cars will cause road debris to be drawn up by the rear wheels and sucked onto the rear window. We have a video guide below to show when you should be looking to change your wiper blades.

Wiper Blades As a general rule you should be changing your wiper blades at least once a year. There are obvious tell tale signs when you need to change your blades. These are wiper blades making a lot of noise, scratching your windscreen or just not clearing the water anymore. You could pay a garage to do it for you, but with this being a very easy task it is in most cases worthwhile you doing it yourself and saving money. To see how easy it is to change your wiper blades we have created an easy to follow video guide below.

We offer you a full range of replacement and upgrade wiper blades at competitive prices from our own ABD high quality brand to the full Bosch range. Our prices are significantly lower than High St and Main Dealers.

We supply standard, spoiler, Aerotwin and retro-fit beam blades. We even have Classic and older car blades available. To find out the blades to fit your particular vehicle please use our application guide above/below.

Standard ABD

A full range of standard replacement wiper blades including spoiler, curved, washer jet and other car specific blades.

Retro Fit ABD

A range of retro fit flat beam blades. If your vehicle uses a standard blade you can now upgrade to a flat blade. The flat beam blade is far more efficient as the blade has a constant pressure across the whole length of the blade ensuring a smear free clean across the windscreen. Flat beam blades will give a 20% longer life on average.


A full and comprehensive range of Bosch blades from standard to retro fit and car specific Aerotwin blades fitted as standard.

Classic and Pre 70’s

A range of blades used on older and Classic cars. Many of these blades are now quite difficult to come by without going to a specialist dealer. We hold a range of cantilever arms, ridge, peg and curved blades in both black and stainless steel.

Wiper Blade Video Guides

Replacing Wiper Blades
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Checking Wiper Blades
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