OSRAM Automotive Bulbs: Range Information

OSRAM is the world's leading manufacturer of automotive bulbs and supplies OSRAM bulbs to all vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Their vehicle lighting products meet the highest standards of quality engineering. Whether you are looking for replacement headlight bulbs, signal lighting, or if you want to upgrade your headlight system, with OSRAM's high-performance bulbs, you are guaranteed a quality product every time.

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser. At the top of the tree is the Night Breaker Laser. With up to 130% more light on the road, they are the highest output OSRAM halogen bulbs to date. They can provide up to 40 extra metres of beam reach, making hazards easier to see and your reactions faster. Just like every other Night Breaker they are also 20% whiter, making for less strain on the eyes.

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited. Next up is the previous winners of every bulb test the Night Breaker Unlimited. With up to +110% more light the Unlimited's where a revolutionary product when they first came out. Making for safer easier road journeys the extra brightness will never go amiss. With a 20% whiter light they also give you less strain on the eyes during night.

OSRAM Cool Blue Intense. These offer a whiter light than a standard bulb to get your car up to more modern colour of light. They are available in H1, H4, H7 and HB3 types. They also add up to 20% more light on the road.

OSRAM Diadem. Another great styling addition to the OSRAM bulbs is the OSRAM DIADEM. These are used to replace a standard amber indicator bulb. They have a shimmering blue surface which gives your headlight great style, taking away the fried egg effect you get with a standard indicator bulb. They still of course have flash amber.

OSRAM Ultra-Life. Finally, the OSRAM Ultra-Life bulbs can be used in any car, but are especially useful for vehicles that use daytime running lights, high mileage drivers, or where the bulbs are difficult to access. They provide much longer life than standard halogen bulbs, but only cost slightly more.

With this exceptional range of OSRAM bulbs, there is something for everyone. Whether it's the best vision from a replacement bulb or a total styling upgrade, you can find an option in our great range of OSRAM bulbs.