Car Registration Years Chart

Looking to find your cars year of manufacture from the registration number?

The following tables show the year or registration for the current and previous versions of UK registration numbers.

Important notes:

Vehicles with custom plates or Q plates are not covered, as they can be any year.

The registration is the date the vehicle was first registered in the UK. It is possible for it to have been manufactured the previous year but not registered, and import vehicles may not have the correct year specific registration number.

You cannot fit or assign a number plate to a vehicle that is older than the registration identifier. For example, you would not be allowed to assign a 63 Plate to a 54 plate vehicle. You can however, change your vehicle’s registration to a newer vehicle model.

Please note this tool is as accurate as possible. It won’t tell you what wiper blades will fit your car but it will help you to find out what year your car registration is though.

Please Note: We also offer number plate printing as a service to all vehicle owners AND we also offer showplate printing for those looking for something a bit different.

New Style Age Identifier For UK Number Plates

Current System – 2001 to 2049 (assuming it runs to the end)

Number plates in the UK are issued twice a year – between 6 month intervals, and are in the format AB51 ABD, where the numeric characters show the year.

New style registrations are also known as Millennium Registrations and these offer more insights into the information around the number plate.

The first 2 letters depict the town the vehicle was issued in and are known as memory tags. This article has a great section around memory tags.

Plate From To
51 September 2001 March 2002
02 March 2002 September 2002
52 September 2002 March 2003
03 March 2003 September 2003
53 September 2003 March 2004
04 March 2004 September 2004
54 September 2004 March 2005
05 March 2005 September 2005
55 September 2005 March 2006
06 March 2006 September 2006
56 September 2006 March 2007
07 March 2007 September 2007
57 September 2007 March 2008
08 March 2008 September 2008
58 September 2008 March 2009
09 March 2009 September 2009
59 September 2009 March 2010
10 March 2010 September 2010
60 September 2010 March 2011
11 March 2011 September 2011
61 September 2011 March 2012
12 March 2012 September 2012
62 September 2012 March 2013
13 March 2013 September 2013
63 September 2013 March 2014
14 March 2014 September 2014
64 September 2014 March 2015
15 March 2015 September 2015
65 September 2015 March 2016
16 March 2016 September 2016
66 September 2016 March 2017
17 March 2017 September 2017
67 September 2017 March 2018
18 March 2018 September 2018
68 September 2018 March 2019
19 March 2019 September 2019
69 September 2019 March 2020
20 March 2020 September 2020
70 September 2020 March 2021
21 March 2021 September 2021
71 September 2021 March 2022
22 March 2022 September 2022
72 September 2022 March 2023
23 March 2023 September 2023
73 September 2023 March 2024
24 March 2024 September 2024
74 September 2024 March 2025
25 March 2025 September 2025
75 September 2025 March 2026
26 March 2026 September 2026
76 September 2026 March 2027
27 March 2027 September 2027
77 September 2027 March 2028
28 March 2028 September 2028
78 September 2028 March 2029
29 March 2029 September 2029
79 September 2029 March 2030
30 March 2030 September 2030
80 September 2030 March 2031
31 March 2031 September 2031
81 September 2031 March 2032
32 March 2032 September 2032
82 September 2032 March 2033
33 March 2033 September 2033
83 September 2033 March 2034
34 March 2034 September 2034
84 September 2034 March 2035
35 March 2035 September 2035
85 September 2035 March 2036
36 March 2036 September 2036
86 September 2036 March 2037
37 March 2037 September 2037
87 September 2037 March 2038
38 March 2038 September 2038
88 September 2038 March 2039
39 March 2039 September 2039
89 September 2039 March 2040
40 March 2040 September 2040
90 September 2040 March 2041
41 March 2041 September 2041
91 September 2041 March 2042
42 March 2042 September 2042
92 September 2042 March 2043
43 March 2043 September 2043
93 September 2043 March 2044
44 March 2044 September 2044
94 September 2044 March 2045
45 March 2045 September 2045
95 September 2045 March 2046
46 March 2046 September 2046
96 September 2046 March 2047
47 March 2047 September 2047
97 September 2047 March 2048
48 March 2048 September 2048
98 September 2048 March 2049
49 March 2049 September 2049
99 September 2049 March 2050

Prefix Registration Plates

Prefix Type registration numbers – 1983 to 2001

Number plates are in the format ‘A21 ABC‘, with the first letter denoting the year code.

Prefix From To
A August 1983 July 1984
B August 1984 July 1985
C August 1985 July 1986
D August 1986 July 1987
E August 1987 July 1988
F August 1988 July 1989
G August 1989 July 1990
H August 1990 July 1991
J August 1991 July 1992
K August 1992 July 1993
L August 1993 July 1994
M August 1994 July 1995
N August 1995 July 1996
P August 1996 July 1997
R August 1997 July 1998
S August 1998 February 1999
T March 1999 July 1999
V August 1999 February 2000
W March 2000 July 2000
X August 2000 February 2001
Y March 2001 July 2001

Suffix Registration Plates

Suffix type registration numbers – 1963 to 1983

Number plates are in the format ‘ABC 1A‘, with the last letter designating the year code.

Suffix From To
A 1963
B 1964
C 1965
D 1966
E January 1967 July 1967
F August 1967 July 1968
G August 1968 July 1969
H August 1969 July 1970
J August 1970 July 1971
K August 1971 July 1972
L August 1972 July 1973
M August 1973 July 1974
N August 1974 July 1975
P August 1975 July 1976
R August 1976 July 1977
S August 1977 July 1978
T August 1978 July 1979
V August 1979 July 1980
W August 1980 July 1981
X August 1981 July 1982
Y August 1982 July 1983

Can I Put A New Plate On An Old Car?

Unfortunately, you cannot put a new plate on an old car.

This legislation is in place to prevent owners from making a vehicle appear newer than it is when selling a vehicle.

For example, you cannot put a personalised 21 plate onto a vehicle that was registered in 2012.

Read More

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Chris Cocks
3 years ago

Hi I have a plate COX 33E and wondered if i could have it on black and silver plates ? But I’m not sure if its old enough to qualify ? Does anyone know please ?

2 years ago
Reply to  Chris Cocks

Yes, it’s fine.

2 years ago
Reply to  TheMightyImp2

The plate COX 33E uses the old suffix style which should be a 1965 plate.

The actual vehicle that it’s going on was first registered in 2018.

INF104 of the DVLA states the following:

Vehicles made before 1 January 1973 may display traditional

‘black and white’ number plates (for example, white, silver or

grey characters on a black plate). From April 2020 vehicles

manufactured before 1 January 1980 are also able to display

traditional ‘black and white’ number plates. You must:

• have applied to DVLA

• be registered within the ‘historic vehicles’ tax class

Basically OP can’t have those plates because the vehicle needs to be manufactured before 1973…. Not the date of the plate.

1 year ago

Suffix “E” is 1967

michael lloyd
1 year ago
Reply to  Matt


8 months ago
Reply to  michael lloyd

Hi Matt, wonder if you know what year this number plate is, Its an oldie. NLA 29O

3 months ago
Reply to  libby

Pre 1963 or so when the year letters came in.

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  libby

NLA 290 was originally issued in November 1952.

Noel Magee
3 years ago

What year is the UK registration 412 UXC many thanks

Scott Morris
3 years ago
Reply to  Noel Magee

That is a dateless plate, it can be put on any age of vehicle.

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Noel Magee

Interesting one as nnnUXC is a series used by DVLA for age related re-registrations.
Although the vehicle it’s on dates from 1959, the number plate 412UXC was only issued around May 2004. This means that the vehicle was either imported or had it’s (interesting or valuable) original number transferred off it around this time. These replacement registrations are not normally transferrable.

Laurence Harvey
3 years ago

We’re was RC 3848 re

barry brooks
3 years ago

hi my old gentry car has a reg number 345 DDT. could you tell me the year and car it came from regards

3 years ago
Reply to  barry brooks


Cannot find the car on the DVLA database.

1 year ago

I am trying to find out the area and year for an old black and silver reg number OOF 76. Can anybody help

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Nicola

Birmingham, November 1953

Mike Hobbs
1 year ago

Hi I’m looking for information/history about my plate “HOB 737” it’s been mine since 1995

Amanda senior
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike Hobbs

I own HOB 1
Been in the family over 55 years

1 year ago

Please tell me what year in the uk was YHZ 1704 made

1 year ago
Reply to  Shelagh

Dateless Northern Ireland; N/A

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Shelagh

County Tyrone, March 2021

1 year ago

Where can I find out the histroy of GGK 108c

1 year ago
Reply to  Emy

car Tax Check?

Brian Nicholson
2 years ago

Hi could you tell me what year was number plate issued please BN9458

Robert Duncan
2 years ago

Any idea what year the number plate LYS 201 would be?

3 years ago

My car was re registered in 2006 , the original reg was 522AXF it has been sorn. Can I contact dvla to buy it back for the original car it was registered to?

2 years ago
Reply to  Ian

To move plates or put on retaining slips, the car must be taxed and more importantly MOT’d.

Also, if a car is stolen without MOT and tax, you can never get the plate back (unless you recover the car and tax and MOT it)

simon barrett
3 years ago

can anyone advise as my car reg is AE14 VPT 2014 model and i want to put number I

have brought L15XSB, and having issues with online change: i was advised that can use this L15 as not issue as not making the

car look younger can someone advise please.

1 year ago
Reply to  simon barrett

Wat year is ndx186

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  David

March 1961

4 days ago

Please could someone tell me the date of my Landrover, P641 OAC?

Chris Norris
12 days ago

Any idea when this was registered and any info lion the vehicle please
104 GXV

Ray houghton
1 month ago

Hi i have just spent 2 year rebuilding a 1938 triumph speed twin and have had loads of problems getting a reg from the dvla and today they sent the reg through but i think it is not the write year plate for a rare 1938 motorbike can anybody if it is in the right era thanks in advance reg no WXS 668🫣

1 month ago

Hi I have plate ORS 6 would like to know year and location.

thanks , Bernard

1 month ago

So, my father who passed in 2007, had a S Type Jaguar. The number plate was, V594 KGU. I’ve always remembered it but I can’t work out what year/how old it was. I would love for someone to help me with this!
Thanks in advance!

Steve Hopper
1 month ago

My Dad had a motorcycle with the Registration number 22 ANX can anybody tell me what year and where it was registered please.

Fred Bedford
3 months ago

Can anyone tell me the first car FB8003 was registered to and what year

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Fred Bedford

The letters FB were issued by Bath C.C. beginning in Dec 1903 and the series was not completed until July 1932. So FB8003 was probably from around the mid twenties.
Unfortunately details of ownership are not normally available from DVLA. With this being such an old number though, you could try the public records office in Bristol as the hand kept registers containing issues from the motor vehicle licencing offices are often kept there following their closure and transfer to computer and are available for public scrutiny (all registration marks from Bath were transferred to Bristol following the closure of that office in 1975). Not all issue registers still exist and many of those that do are incomplete but if you were lucky enough to find your entry it would tell you the very day this number was first issued and to whom.
Hope this is of help

3 months ago

Hi there, I am in the process of registering in the UK a Mercedes first registered in Australia in March 1975 (recently imported to the UK). Can I put black and white plates on this car?

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Michael

Yes, as long as the car is pre 1980 and has classic car status.

6 months ago

Hello I want to buy a plate that needs to be assigned can only be assigned to a ‘C’ registered or newer vehicle (Registered after 1 August 1985). Would I be able to put this plate into a 2022-2023 car

9 months ago

When was my registration first issued SOX55

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Fred

January 1956

Phyllis Denton
10 months ago

WKD538H does anybody know where I can locate this plate …?

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Phyllis Denton

Unfortunately this combination was never issued.
You could write to DVLA and request that it be included in a future auction (there is no guarantee if or when it would be included but if it were you would be notified)
You would then need to bid for it against any other interested party.

mel smith
1 year ago

I have plate BXC 924 on London Taxi 1930.s trying to find out what year it was issued, Any and all help appreciated. Would be great to track how it has ended up in Canada

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  mel smith

February 1935

Ark Redwood
1 year ago

I have spotted registration numbers which don’t correspond to the current list. They are JB and XX. Does anyone know what they signify? I can find no reference to them anywhere.

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Ark Redwood

They are DVLA Select numbers for which there is no such area code but are available for sale through their website

Rosanne smith
1 year ago

Can you age my car registration for me please, it’s ORG 1

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Rosanne smith

Aberdeen, November 1959

1 year ago

Weren’t there any vehicles registered in August 2001 ???
The table shows suffix “Y” as finishing 31-July-2001, while year code “51” started in September 2001 – and year code “01” is not in this table!
So, what DID happen in that month ???

john vare
1 year ago

Anyone know the year of motor cycle DE9418?

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  john vare

DE was begun by Pembrokeshire c.c. in Dec 1903 and was not completed until July 1934 so 9418 is probably from early 1934.

William Barron Murray
1 year ago

Hi can anyone tell me what year A1 WBM is please.

3 months ago


1 year ago

Hi can anyone tell me if PUT 55 can still be purchased?
This was on my dads Morris Cowley back in the sixties.

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Ralph

It looks like this mark has been lost unfortunately.
DVLA do not reissue old marks previously issued except in certain cases where you own the vehicle which originally bore the reg.

Jeanne Warburton
1 year ago

Can I put the Reg 308 DRX on a 1964 1800S Volvo?

Claire Hinton
1 year ago

What year did registration WYR 222 made

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Claire Hinton

Issued by Central London in May 1959

Jane R
1 year ago

I am looking for the year of issue of plate FP 5789.

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Jane R

FP was issued by Rutland c.c. which had a very slow rate of issue. Begun in December 1903, FP was not completed until August 1960. So at just over half way through the series FP5789 was probably from around 1930-35.

1 year ago

Hi can you tell me what year my car was made/registered by the vin number?

1 year ago

Hi. I have a 1990 VW T25 but the registration says 2003. Any idea why this would be the case ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

Oh the Registration is G49 WKL

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Maybe it was imported and just put onto the DVLA computer in 2003

Grant Sare
1 year ago

sorry , i may be a bit slow but what year is V15 ***
thanks in anticipation

4 months ago
Reply to  Grant Sare


John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Grant Sare

V is from 1999 normally but V15… a DVLA select number (made available to buy)meaning it could have been issued anytime between 1999 and now, depending when someone bought it.

Scott Gratsinger
1 year ago

I have a 1961 Triumph TR3 in the States that came with a white on black plate 9529DU. Is there any way to know if the plate was actually ever used on that car, or was it possibly just a collector’s item that someone attached to the car?

1 year ago

Check on

John F
2 months ago

_ _ _ _DU was issued between July 1959 and February 1960 so it’s possible the TR3 was issued it. Are you sure about the precise date of the car’s manufacture?

1 year ago

I have a Mercedes C220 AMG 2013 with Number plate BOB 832K already on can i change plate to a Vintage Number plate

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Robert

It goes by the car’s age, not the plate’s, so no.

2 years ago

My father bought me a numberplate just prior to his death in 1996 which I still have. Its currently on retention awaiting a new vehicle. I am interested in its history if anyone can help please. The registration is 4 EHK.

2 years ago
Reply to  Helen

According to Stone and Cox: Motor Specifications and Prices (1979 edition) your number plate was issued in August 1955, in Essex.

Julie Mellis
2 years ago

Please help me with my local library’s heritage dept. They have 2 very dated photos of cars. Registration SE76 and SE80. Could you tell me the make and model but also the registered year of the cars?

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Julie Mellis

SE was issued by Banffshire, Scotland from January 1904

Dave Stewart-White
2 years ago

I’m trying to find out what vehicle a registration was on, as I’ve bought an old plate (my son collects them for his wall) and it’d be great to know what car it came off. Reg is GOH 682N. It’s got “ Montgomery red” written on the back which I presume was the car colour. Thanks

John F
2 months ago

No record of GOH682N on DVLA although the reg. was issued by Birmingham in 1974.
Could be that the vehicle had a cherished reg transferred to it and GOH682N was voided. This may explain why the plates were knocking round in the first place…!

Derek Frost
2 years ago

“13” in the pre-fix set, such as “D13” or “L13” identifies the registration as what status?

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Derek Frost

Just means that it’s a DVLA “select” reg, meaning someone bought it…

2 years ago

what year is the registration T3094 (DEVON registered)

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Michael

T was issued between January 1904 and October 1920 so 3904 is probably from around 1910

2 years ago

Hi, what about 00D 865?

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Ian

That format looks like a Republic of Ireland issue by Dublin in 2000

Jason Washington
2 years ago

AF 3742 in Cornwall is that 1963 or before?

Jeremy Alan Furneaux
2 years ago

That’s a 1930’s plate.

John F
2 months ago

AF Issued between December 1903 and Nov 1924 so 3742 is probably from around 1910

2 years ago

Which year was 519KD about please?

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Elaine

Liverpool, June 1962

2 years ago

Hi all,
I have a plate D10FFN and I want to put it on a 2009 car, my mate said you can’t do that but this plate is 1986 or 87 isn’t it?

Big Gaz
2 years ago
Reply to  Paul

You can apply the D-Reg Plate to any car made after August 1986.

Brad Blount
2 years ago

Hi I have a registration Y984eba is this registration legal it’s for a 2001 Mitsubishi thanks in advance .

J Grenfell
2 years ago

I have a Nissan Micra VA53 APX, what year would that be registered

Ian James
2 years ago

777DOL we own (but are unable to use, as we have emigrated). Would love to know when it was first registered and what it is worth.

John F
2 months ago
Reply to  Ian James

Originally from may 1961 (Birmingham issue)
People ask £3-4000 for similar DOL plates.