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LEDs will light the cars of the future. Most brand new models are already produced with LED headlights, tail lights and everything else in between. But often we hear people expressing how they’d like LED lighting for their current car. LED might be the future but, can it replace the past? Let’s find out. First Read more

Prepare Your Car For Europe

  Off for a road trip? Or maybe just a long drive through Europe to get somewhere. Either way, before you jump on that ferry there are some things worth going through, which will make sure your car is ready for the journey. Check Your Oil Levels. Oil is your engine’s lifeblood. It both lubricates and Read more

LEDs, what it takes to be road legal

  A comment on our last blog got us thinking. Can you have the updated look of LED’s and it be road legal? What does it take? Well, the first thing you need is a car that, at some point in its life, has been “facelifted” with some LED lights. If a manufacturer has designed Read more

LED Bulbs, Osram vs Twenty20

  The humble filament bulb is used in many vital lighting applications on vehicles and can be seen in most reverse, brake, tail & fog light bulbs. With the latest LED technology offering people a brighter, clearer and faster-acting replacement for these bulbs, we decided we would test the latest versions. Most recently on offer Read more

Opinion – New Top Gear (Episode 1)

By Johni Parker (@johniparker) Well, the New Top Gear has finally arrived on our screens, and with plenty of negative press surrounding the show’s return over the last year, many have expected the New Top Gear to be dead on arrival. I watched with genuine optimism, although an episode in, I found the whole thing Read more

The Original Mazda MX-5, A Daily Driver?

By Aidan Tudge Guest Writer, If you were going to play the stereotype game and pair a car with a 20 year old 6’ 3” male, it probably wouldn’t be an MX-5 that was made before he was born. However, I don’t drive my car every day because I want to break a stereotype; Read more

LED Headlights – The FAQs & Facts!

One question we get asked frequently at is ‘Can I upgrade my headlights to LED?’ and unfortunately, the only answer we can give is ‘not yet’… Whilst these products do exist on the market elsewhere, and you can buy a retrofit bulb, WE don’t sell them as the beam pattern and light projection they Read more

Petrol stations: Do they have to be supermarkets?

Have you noticed that the queues for petrol are getting longer? Not the length, but the time spent waiting for a pump to become free.

And then, when you are queuing to pay, 8 times out of 10 you’re behind someone doing their weekly shop. When did the petrol stations become a supermarket?

Why do some signs have a yellow background?

You might have seen these signs all over the place but do you know what they stand for? This blog explains it all… celebrates ‘Amazing British Drivers’ for the Silverstone GP

The British GP has finally come round, so we thought there’s no better time to celebrate all the Motorsport Legends we’ve had through the years…

Britain’s produced many of the top drivers in Formula 1 history, including 19 grand prix winners, and 10 World Drivers’ champions.