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This is the ultimate guide that can help you get the best experience possible for driving at night time. This guide is for drivers that use dipped headlights at night on all types of public roads. If you’ve ever wondered about what the best outcome could be for your driving experience at night time, then Read more

Red or White LED bulb behind a Red Lens? (with video demonstration)

Welcome to the next instalment of ABD TV where we aim to answer all of those burning questions, clear up the confusion and leave you brimming with knowledge. Red or White LED Bulb? In this episode we’re tackling a common question we get asked: Is a coloured LED bulb or a white LED bulb is Read more

LED Bulbs & CANbus Error Codes – How To Fix (with video)

In this post, we’re bringing you an episode of ABD TV where we aim to answer all of those burning questions, clear up the confusions and leave you brimming with knowledge. Today we are tackling the murky waters of LED bulbs, more specifically the hassles of the dreaded CANbus error codes. So what do I Read more

High Power Bulbs – More Power, More Light…Simple right?

According to the Department for Transport licensing statistics, there were around 37.5 million cars registered in the UK by March 2017. Of these, the most popular headlight bulb remains the good old faithful halogen H7 bulb. As standard, this bulb has a power rating of 55W. However, one of the more common questions we get Read more

8 Simple Steps Reduced My Car Insurance By 57% (In Only 20 Minutes)

The biggest bane of my life at this very moment? Car insurance! Well, finding a cheap car insurance quote to be exact. If you’re like me, getting cheap insurance can be a real pain. Endless quotes and negotiating hard with different providers just for small reductions. Well if you want a quick and easy way Read more

Are LED Headlight Bulbs the Brightest? (we show you the best)

Skip The ArticleShop LED Car Bulbs Most LED headlight bulbs are very dangerous! Not only are they not as bright as the original bulb, they scatter light everywhere and blind other traffic. So are there LED bulbs that do work? Let’s find out. The Trusty Halogen First up. How good can the original halogen bulb Read more

Prepare Your Car For Europe

  Off for a road trip? Or maybe just a long drive through Europe to get somewhere. Either way, before you jump on that ferry there are some things worth going through, which will make sure your car is ready for the journey. Check Your Oil Levels. Oil is your engine’s lifeblood. It both lubricates and Read more

LEDs, what it takes to be road legal

  A comment on our last blog got us thinking. Can you have the updated look of LED’s and it be road legal? What does it take? Well, the first thing you need is a car that, at some point in its life, has been “facelifted” with some LED lights. If a manufacturer has designed Read more

LED Bulbs, Osram vs Twenty20

  The humble filament bulb is used in many vital lighting applications on vehicles and can be seen in most reverse, brake, tail & fog light bulbs. With the latest LED technology offering people a brighter, clearer and faster-acting replacement for these bulbs, we decided we would test the latest versions. Most recently on offer Read more

The Original Mazda MX-5, A Daily Driver?

By Aidan Tudge Guest Writer, If you were going to play the stereotype game and pair a car with a 20 year old 6’ 3” male, it probably wouldn’t be an MX-5 that was made before he was born. However, I don’t drive my car every day because I want to break a stereotype; Read more