Vehicle Sanitisation

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year.

Social distancing, lockdowns, pubs closing and the constant requirement to sanitise whenever you go into a store.

Whilst we’ve been keeping on top of it at home, there’s a good chance we’ve forgotten something most people use every day…… Our vehicles.

We’ve put together this handy article to help our readers understand vehicle sanitisation.

If you’re looking for vehicle sanitising products, then skip ahead to see the best products for the job.

Introduction To Vehicle Sanitisation

bacteria in vehicle handbrake
One often overlooked aspect of car ownership is keeping the interior of our vehicles clean and purified.

A study by has shown that the inside of our cars is up to 50% dirtier than our keyboards, and around 2,144% dirtier than our smartphones.

Our handbrake areas alone hold an average of 200 living bacteria per square inch, including viruses such as MRSA and flu.

Motorists are often oblivious to the fact that their cars may be potential germ carriers.

Whilst you might not have the time to clean and sanitise the inside of your vehicle, there are options available designed to help maintain a clean, sanitised vehicle.

Why Should We Keep Our Vehicles Sanitised Or Purified?

If you are anything like the average driver, you will be spending a long time behind the wheel. According to new research, UK motorists spend around 293 hours in their car every year.

To put it bluntly, every drive exposes your vehicle to pollutants, viruses and bacteria.

If you have a sick friend or family member with you in the car, droplets from their sneezes or coughs can linger for hours on surfaces.

Furthermore, scientists believe that bacteria and viruses can survive on hard surfaces – such as plastic, steel and glass – for up to a week.

It’s especially important to sanitise your vehicle for taxis, minibuses, carpooling for work and any other time you share the same space within a vehicle.

The Most Important Areas To Keep Clean

While your entire vehicle should be kept in a good condition, there are specific areas that should be focused on when it comes to sanitation.

  • Door Handles – if you are using your vehicle on a daily basis, you will need to open and close the doors often. Door handles are used constantly, and can be an easy surface to pass on germs to others.
  • Keys – your keys will be even more in use than your door handles, and can be potential bacteria traps.
  • Steering Wheel – this one speaks for itself. Your steering wheel is handled for the entire duration of your drive; a sneeze or cough can easily leave bacteria and viruses lingering on the wheel, only to be transferred to others who use your vehicle.
  • Dashboard – one of the most overlooked areas in the car, yet one that might be the worst in terms of lingering bacteria. As air circulates through your car, sucking in germs and other particles, the dashboard becomes the final resting place of harmful bacteria.
  • Handbrake – There is so much bacteria around your handbrake, you should sanitise this at least once a week.

If you carry passengers then it’s worth sanitising your vehicle once a week, minimum.

This will help prevent the build up of viruses and bacteria.

Products Designed To Sanitise And Purify Your Vehicle

Hopefully this article has given you a good reason why you should sanitise your vehicle.

There’s also a wide range of products too.

The products we recommend are designed to prevent, deter and kill airborne and surface based bacteria, pollutants and viruses.

Let’s get to it!

vehicle odour eliminator

Rocket Butter Oh Da-Bomb Odour Eliminator

Main Usage: Odour Eliminator

A lot of power in a little canister! This odour eliminator doesn’t just rid your car of foul smells, but also lingering bacteria and viruses. And as it only takes five minutes, it is a quick solution to get into those hard-to-reach places in your cab!

It is also suitable for small rooms and confined spaces.

This product kills bacteria, viruses and odours, reaches the tightest spaces and kills anything inside your air vents.

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Reusable Car Dehumidifier

Reusable Car Dehumidifier
Main Usage: Mould Prevention

Condensation can be one of the most prevalent causes of rapid bacterial growth in cars.

Moist surfaces not only cause mildew and mould to thrive, but can help keep bacteria alive for much longer than normal.

The good news is that with a good reusable dehumidifier, this problem is prevented!

Discreet and simple to use, the Reusable Car Dehumidifier will constantly absorb excess moisture throughout your journey.

The beauty of this product is that it can be put onto a radiator and dried off with ease.

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Fog-It Machine

Fog-It Vehicle Sanitising & Deodorising Fog Machine
Main Usage: Vehicle Sanitisation

If you need a powerful solution to sanitise and purify your vehicle, the Fog-It Machine is for you!

A small, compact device that sanitises every inch of your cab.

Any bacteria, mould, fungi or viruses will be killed off within just a few minutes of running this device.

This product is also effective for sanitising small rooms.

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Philips GoPure

Philips GoPure Car Air Purifier
Main Usage: Vehicle Air Purification

If you are looking for continuous purification while on the move, the GoPure is for you.

The device filters pollutants, dust, airborne bacteria and viruses from within your vehicle.

It’s even proven to work against SARS and Influenza.

This product is perfect for taxi’s, minibuses or anyone carrying passengers.

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Rocket Butter Odour Eliminator

Funky 2 Fresh Odour Eliminator Spray
Main Usage: Odour Eliminator

This odour eliminator kills odour causing bacteria that grows in the fabrics of your vehicle.

This product works wonders against odours and lasts for a very long time.

A perfect product that can be used in the house too!

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Osram Air Zing

OSRAM Air Zing Purifier
Main Usage: Vehicle Air Filtration

OSRAM has developed this product with your health in mind.

The unique Titanium Dioxide catalyst filter and UVA LEDs are much safer than UVC filtration devices.

The Air Zing will filter the air continuously and is effective against Coronavirus and all other viruses.

The biggest highlight is that there are no filters. Simply wash, dry and repeat.

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