Parking Sensors Explained

This page identifies and explains everything you need to know about Parking Sensors on your vehicle.

What Are Parking Sensors?

Parking sensors are a feature that is designed to help the driver of a vehicle park easier. When activated, the sensors will detect the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle and they will inform the driver of the hazard.

There are many different types of parking sensors and the technology within them available in the UK. In most modern vehicles, parking sensors are now built in as an optional feature or sometimes come as standard.

Some sensors will be connected to a screen located on the dashboard to let the driver visualise any hazards that may be there when attempting to park.

parking sensor

Example of a retro-fit parking sensor

Can I Retro-Fit Parking Sensors To My Vehicle?


Any vehicle can be retro-fitted to have parking sensors adapted to the vehicle. The sensors will come with instructions on how to install them but typically, they will be located to the rear of the vehicle, either on or under the bumper or situated around the license plate.

Do I Need Parking Sensors On My Vehicle?

Parking sensors aren’t really a necessity and it’s not like upgrading your dipped headlights to a brighter light for better visibility.

These are designed to help it easier for you to park into tight spaces.

Parking sensors are an add-on that you will really enjoy having once they are installed but buying them would simply be down to your confidence as a driver.

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