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The Brightest Car Light Bulbs On The Market Naturally one of the most common questions we get asked is “What are the brightest headlight bulbs for my car?” While this is a simple question, the answer is not always so straight forward. This is because it largely depends on which lamps your car lights use. Read more

Are LED Headlights Legal In The UK

Aftermarket LED Bulbs Legalities Passing An MOT With LED Bulbs Sealed LED Headlight Units Why Are LED Headlights Blinding? Conclusion Comments Are LED Upgrade Bulbs Road Legal? Let’s start with the short answer: Technically, LED upgrade bulbs are not road legal. To find out why, we need to delve into the specifics of the legislation…a Read more

LED Bulbs & CANbus Error Codes – How To Fix (with video)

In this post, we’re bringing you an episode of ABD TV where we aim to answer all of those burning questions, clear up the confusions and leave you brimming with knowledge. Today we are tackling the murky waters of LED bulbs, more specifically the hassles of the dreaded CANbus error codes. So what do I Read more

LED Bulbs, Osram vs Twenty20

  The humble filament bulb is used in many vital lighting applications on vehicles and can be seen in most reverse, brake, tail & fog light bulbs. With the latest LED technology offering people a brighter, clearer and faster-acting replacement for these bulbs, we decided we would test the latest versions. Most recently on offer Read more