380 Twenty20 92 LED 12V P21/5W Canbus Bayonet Bulb

380 Twenty20 92 LED 12V P21/5W Canbus Bayonet Bulb

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There are so many gains to be had when fitting LEDs to your vehicle style, long life, instant response and incredible brightness! Whatís more this Twenty20's LED bulb even works with modern can-bus bulb warning systems! This means you will never have to see that annoying light again.

Twenty20's LEDs are the ideal upgrade if you are looking to add style to your vehicle, the crisp bright light is far greater than the dull and colourless standard bulbs already fitted to your car. As for safety, LEDs have a super quick response time which is perfect for your brake, tail and indicator bulbs. The quick response can be the difference between a near miss and a crash. The LEDS will provide an earlier warning to any following vehicles and reduce the risk of you getting hit from behind improving your safety.

Not only do Twenty20's LEDs provide you with exceptional brightness and improve safety they have an incredible lifespan lasting up to 4,000 hours. This means you can simply fit and forget because you will not have to change them for a very long time.

Twenty20's LEDs are the future of automotive lighting and with this fantastic upgrade improve the look and feel of your vehicle and stand out from the crowd.

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