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ABD PerfectFit Guarantee

We understand buying parts and accessories can be a bit of a minefield, trying to figure out whether it will fit your vehicle correctly.

As such, we want to give you the peace of mind with our PerfectFit Guarantee. We will guarantee that the part will be a perfect fit for your vehicle. If it isn’t we will replace it for one that is or take it back for a refund at no cost to you.

How to Qualify for our PerfectFit Guarantee

All you need to do to qualify for our PerfectFit Guarantee is:

Step 1 - Use our vehicle lookup tool

Use our vehicle lookup tool where available to identify the correct part. Just enter your vehicle reg number, or use the drop down selectors to bring up the list of compatible parts. This is currently available for halogen, LED and Xenon HID bulbs, HID conversion kits and wiper blades. For other products please go to step 3

Find the right products for your vehicle...

Enter UK Registration Number

...Or Select Vehicle Type

Step 2 - Buy the part suggested by our vehicle lookup tool.

Please make sure you are buying the part suggested by our vehicle lookup tool as only parts listed as a valid fit against your vehicle will be protected by our guarantee.

Step 3 - For parts not included in the vehicle lookup tool

If you are looking to check the fitment of a part that isn't included in our vehicle lookup tool, please check the product description for compatibility information to ensure it matches your vehicle.

What if my vehicle isn't found on the Vehicle Lookup Tool

While we aim to keep our data as up-to-date as possible, some vehicles (particularly very new ones) may not have been added yet. However we do have access to further data information so please contact us and we will be happy to help identify the correct parts for you. Any parts we advise will be covered by our PerfectFit Guarantee.

If you have followed the above steps and the part purchased does not fit, we will identify the correct part and exchange it at no cost to you. Where this is not available, we will take the incorrect part back for a full refund, again at no cost to you.