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How to Fit Bosch Aerotwin AP & AR Wiper Blades

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If you're unsure how to fit your Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades, please see the videos below. Each video shows the wiper arm that relates to the clip being demonstrated. If you are unsure which one you should be using, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Bosch Aerotwin AR Retrofit clip - U Hook

Bosch Aerotwin AP Clip 1 - Sidelock/SidePin

Bosch Aerotwin AP Clip 2A - Wide Push Button

Bosch Aerotwin AP Clip 2B - Toplock

Bosch Aerotwin AP Clip 2C - Toplock with latch

Bosch Aerotwin AP Clip 3 - Bayonet

Bosch Aerotwin AP Clip 4 - Slim Push Button

What's the difference between AP and AR Bosch Wiper Blades?

In the World of wiper blades, there are generally two categories of fitment. The first refers to the older and more widely used U hook arm. This is considered a universal fitting and not specific to any particular vehicle or group of vehicles.

On older vehicles, the car would normally have been fitted with a standard metal framed wiper blade. The AR range of Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades were designed to retrofit the vehicle with the new flat aero style blade.

On newer vehicles, specific clips started to be introduced. While some clips are used on a number of different cars and vans, they are more specific to a smaller set of vehicles. These clips relate to different styles of wiper arm and are required to correctly connect the wiper.

There are quite a number of different clips available for different cars. However Bosch created their AP multi-clip range that has 4 clips included. These 4 clips cover the 5 most common wiper arms used on vehicles today.

If your vehicle has a wiper arm that is not covered by either the AR or AP range of Bosch wiper blades, you will most likely need a specific Bosch Twin Pack. These come with the exact clip pre-fitted for your vehicle. Simply use our wiper blade search tool to see which are the correct wipers for your vehicle.