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1) What are xenon upgrade bulbs?

A Xenon upgrade bulb is a halogen bulb that has been filled with extra Xenon gas. This extra Xenon gas, combined with sophisticated filament technology gives a greater light output. Xenon replacement bulbs come in two main styles; those geared towards styling (with the blue tint), and those designed specifically for maximum light output. Bulbs with a blue coating will naturally emit less light than the equivalent bulb without a blue coating. Because of this, maximum vision bulbs can reach up to 130% improved vision, whereas the blue coated styling bulbs can reach up to 50% improved vision depending on the thickness of the coating.

2) How easy is it to install upgrade bulbs?

Very easy. All our bulbs are just straight replacements for your existing bulbs. Please refer to your owner's manual for your particular vehicle. We also have a fitting guide here.

3) Do I need to modify my car in any way to use these bulbs?

No. These bulbs work on the same power ratings as your existing bulbs so will require no modifications. The only exception is the off-road high wattage bulbs which may require you to change the fuse rating from 7.5 Amp to around 15 Amp.

4) I have plastic lenses, will the bulbs cause damage to them?

No. These bulbs have a greater light intensity not heat intensity. This gives the benefit of increased visibility and overall vision. The temperature shown on these bulbs refers to colour temperature not heat. All bulbs have UV protection for use with plastic lenses so perfectly safe.

5) Are these replacement bulbs legal?

Yes (unless otherwise stated). Xenon or other replacement bulbs found on this website are rated at the same wattage as your existing bulbs and are fully e-marked. If you use your vehicle for off road, display or racing, higher wattage bulbs are available. LED bulbs and HID conversion kits are not strictly road legal as they cannot be E-marked, although this isn't the case if your vehicle has LEDs or HID's fitted as standard. Higher wattage bulbs are also not road legal. We therefore sell LED bulbs, HID kits and high wattage bulbs as 'off-road use only'.

6) Will these bulbs fit my vehicle?

If your car, LCV or motorbike was manufactured after 1980, it's almost certain there will be xenon replacements available. You can find the bulbs for your vehicle in our extensive database by using our use our reg lookup tool found here.

7) How do I pay for my bulbs or accessories?

You can pay for your order online by using the 'Add to Cart' buttons and following the instructions. When going through checkout, you'll have the option of either paying via Credit/Debit card using a secure service provider with data protection or via Paypal.

8) What do I do if my vehicle is not on your list?

New vehicles with different trim levels are introduced to the market on a regular basis and although we endeavour to keep up, sometimes one gets through the net. If your vehicle is not listed in our database, please contact us with the details and we'll get back to you with the available bulbs. We will also update our database accordingly.

9) Are xenon replacement bulbs the same as the ones you see in some high-end cars with blue tinted lights?

No. These are known as HID (High Intensity Discharge) systems which use Xenon Gas. HID light output is typically 3 to 4 times more intense than a halogen bulb, with less heat and power consumption. HID requires an electronic control gear and starter to momentarily apply high voltage to a capsule of inert gases (including xenon) creating an intense arc of brilliant white light. A 35W HID system produces a light closer to natural sunlight, compared to a 55w halogen. A quality retrofit HID system typically costs around £60-£80, available here.

10) Is HID Xenon Legal?

Unfortunately no aftermarket HID kit is strictly road legal as you are changing the lighting system (from halogen to gas discharge) in your car and for this reason the bulbs can't be E marked which is a legal requirement. You also won't have the self leveling and washer systems installed which is also a legal requirement for HID and without these installed the kit would be an MOT failure. HID kits are however simple plug and play systems, so they are easy to remove and replace with standard bulbs come MOT time. View our full range here.