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ABD Car Specific Single Flat Beam Wiper Blade 24" (600mm) (F)

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ABD Car Specific Single Flat Beam Wiper Blade 24" (600mm) (F)

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A high quality own brand alternative to the Bosch brand. These blades are the same fitting as the Bosch branded Aerotwin blades giving perfect wiping, however are at a more competitive price.

Wiper blades can play a key part in drivers safety as they can be critical to drivers visibility. The success of flat beam style wiper blades are based on their ability to provide a greater performance of visibility in adverse weather conditions. The flat beam wiper blades are a single strip of rubber, tensioned specifically to follow the curvature of the windscreen. This design allows even pressure across the whole length of the wiper blade, creating an even and cleaner wipe.

The sleek design of the flat beam wiper blade not only adds to the style and aesthetics of the car, but also provides further advantages in terms of safety. The metal framed equivalents are prone to ice build-up, freezing of joints and lifting at high speeds. The lower profile of the flat beam wiper blades reduce the ice build up and also has no joints that can freeze up, rendering the wiper blade useless. The integrated spoiler feature into the rubber reduces the profile compared to the metal framed wiper blades that require an additional spoiler component which can impair the drivers vision further while wiping.
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