ABD Car Specific Single Flat Beam Wiper Blade 24" (600mm) (F)

Fitting Clip Wiper Arm Connection

ABD Car Specific Single Flat Beam Wiper Blade 24" (600mm) (F)

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Want the high quality Bosch wiper blades, but can’t afford the high price? You’re in the right place! Our Flat Beam Wiper Blade 24” are the same fitting as the Bosch Aerotwin Blades but at a much more affordable price!

Give your car a sleek, sophisticated look. The sleek design of the flat beam wiper blade not only adds style to the car, but also provides further advantages in safety. Shun the metal framed wiper blades that are prone to ice build-up and frozen joints; Our 24” Flat Beam wiper blade doesn't have joints to freeze up and its lower profile is less prone to ice build-up

Better visibility in bad weather conditions.This Flat Beam wiper Blade 24” will never let you down; the blades are made out of a single strip of rubber and is made to fit the curvature of the windscreen. No more uneven pressure as the design is focused on maintaining even pressure across the whole length of the blade; creating a more even and cleaner wipe.

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