H1 Twenty20 LED 12V 448 Foglight Bulb

H1 Twenty20 LED 12V 448 Foglight Bulb

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These LED Bulbs are for non-headlight applications only! They will not produce any beam pattern or light projection.

These LED bulbs are an easy-to-fit, direct replacement for existing filament bulbs. They also have a considerably longer lifespan, draw less power, generate less heat and are FAR brighter than standard bulbs!

In addition to all these benefits, they also have a much better vibration resistance as there is no filament to break, as well as a much faster response time.

LED bulbs outperform standard bulbs in every possible way, and for peace of mind, every bulb we sell is backed by our guarantee, having endured rigorous in-house quality tests.

The best place for LED bulbs is ABD.co.uk, and the best time to buy, is now…

Available for cars with H1 fittings. Not suitable for your car? We have other fittings here.

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