H1 OSRAM Night Breaker Plus +90% Upgrade Xenon Headlight Bulbs (Pair)


H1 OSRAM Night Breaker Plus +90% Upgrade Xenon Headlight Bulbs (Pair)

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This product has now be super seeded by the H1 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Headlight Bulbs.

Auto Express Best Headlamp Bulb Winner 2012

Key Features of the Night Breaker Plus:

  • Up to 90% more light than standard halogen lamps, illuminating 50-75 metres on the road in front of your vehicle.
  • Up to 50% improved lifetime than first generation Osram Night Breakers, the new and improved filament design and developments in the gas filling have increased the longevity of the lamps. 50% Improved Lifetime
  • Up to 35 metres longer light beam allowing hazards along the road ahead to be seen sooner.
  • 10% whiter light reducing eye strain and making night driving more comfortable.
  • H4 and H7 types have gold plated spade connectors which is a sign of quality original equipment engineering from Osram.

Osram Night Breaker Plus Would you prefer headlight bulbs that produce 35 metres more light on the road than other bulbs? More light on the road means safer night driving. To improve night vision and enhance safety, Osram has developed Night Breaker Plus which produces a light beam that is 35 metres longer than that of an average headlight bulb. This allows increased illumination of dangers and obstacles earlier creating additional time in which to react to avoid the hazard. 

A 10% whiter light compared with standard bulbs is a another key feature of these lamps, making night driving more comfortable and less tiring as well as gold plated spade connectors on the H4 and H7 types for increased connectivity. The Night Breaker Plus is also extremely durable and has a 50% longer lifetime than 1st generation Osram Night Breaker's due to a new filament design and changes in the gas filling.

Osram Night Breaker Plus Range

Osram Night Breaker Plus is appropriate for the majority of all makes and models of cars and vans where a halogen headlight bulb is fitted as standard. Night Breaker Plus are direct replacements of standard halogen headlight bulbs and are available in other common headlight bulb types, H7, H4, H1, as well as not so common types H3 and H11. There is no need for any modification to your vehicle to replace your standard halogens with these bulbs. As you are replacing your bulbs with identical wattage bulbs, the Night Breaker Plus bulbs are fully Road Legal and comply with all regulations.

These bulbs are sold as a pair.

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