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OSRAM Night Breaker Plus +90% Headlight Bulbs

OSRAM Night Breaker Plus

OSRAM Night Breaker Plus +90% Headlight Bulbs

Brighter, Clearer Light and Longer Headlight Beams with OSRAM Night Breaker Plus Headlight Bulbs

OSRAM Night Breaker Plus Headlight Bulbs OSRAM, the world leaders in automotive lighting, have developed the new and improved OSRAM Night Breaker Plus headlight bulbs. They are designed as a direct replacement to the most popular sizes of headlight bulb, but provide significant performance improvements.

  • Up to 90% more light for vastly improved night-time visibility
  • Up to 35 meters longer headlight beam, giving more time to react to obstacles
  • Whiter light to reduce driver fatigue at night
  • Up to 50% longer life than the original Night Breaker headlight bulbs

These bulbs are desgined as a low-cost upgrade for almost any vehicle - cars, vans and motorcycles. The enhanced output and whiter light increases visibility in all weather and traffic conditions, enhancing safety and driveability.

The new bulbs are available in the most common headlight sizes: H1, H3, H4, H7 and H11. They use a variety of advanced technology, including gold plated anti-corrosion contacts, optimised inert gas and a coiled filament. These combine to create the brighter light while enhancing bulb longevity.

OSRAM Night Breaker H1 Headlight BulbsWhen driving on dark roads, drivers and riders need to consider their vehicle lighting to ensure the safety of themselves and other road users. By increasing your visible range, OSRAM Night Breaker Plus headlight bulbs allows hazards to be identified further away. The increase light output also makes the vehicle more noticeable, which is especially vital for motorcycles. According to OSRAM, the new Night Breaker Plus provides "90% more light, intensively illuminating 50-75 metres on the road ahead right where you need it".

As well as improving safety and vision, the bulb's unique design will improve the look of your headlights, with the silver cap and blue strips creating a stylish look behind your headlight lenses.

Auto Express Best BuyUPDATE: The Osram Nightbreaker Plus has won Best Buy in the Auto Express Upgrade Headlight Bulbs Test 2012. "The superb Night Breaker Plus bulbs are way ahead of the rest, a sharply defined beam pattern and excellent vision at 75 metres shows why this headlight bulb is the best. A 50% improved lifetime and 90% more light than a standard halogen help road users to react to potential hazards sooner and feel safer when travelling at night. The Night Breaker Plus are direct replacements of standard halogen headlight bulbs and are available in other common headlight bulb types."

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