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In his review Andrew McNeilly says that the high performance Philips X-treme Vision bulbs are simply “brilliant”. There are numerous reasons for this claim. However, we’d hazard a guess that Mr Mcneilly has been pleasantly surprised by the amount of light generated by these bulbs. For Mark Richardson the H7 Philips X-treme vision have: “certainly […]

“Who changes your bulbs?” Survey Result and Winner

Last month we launched the first ABD survey and asked the question “Who changes your bulbs?” We are delighted and proud to say that almost everyone who took the survey says they change their own bulbs. A whopping 88% of Autobulbs Direct fans on Facebook change their own headlight bulbs. And those that don’t… well, […]

Bright Sparks: Elon Musk

If you keep up with the latest eco innovations in the motoring industry, the name Elon Musk may be familiar to you. As co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, Musk is rewriting the rulebook on electric cars, making them more fashionable and exciting than ever before. A True Bright Spark Musk is no stranger to […]

We are Ready to Shine at GTI International

We’re packed and ready for GTI International and if you are coming then look out for this Golf! It will be on our stand and packed with the latest goodies from Osram. Our big exclusive is the H15 bulbs with a much whiter beam they really cut into the road ahead – we’ll have a […]

Meet Us at GTI International 2014

We’ll be out and about this weekend as we take a stand at GTI International. We’re teaming up with Osram and the motorist’s social network RoadJo and we’d love you to drop by and say hello. A Haven for GTI Fans For those that haven’t been, GTI International is a long running festival that celebrates […]

Headlights Point Right in Europe

Driving in Europe is challenging for us Brits; especially if you’re driving the ‘wrong’ way down the road in a right-hand drive car! It’s very disorienting to drive through roads where everything is on the opposite side – you have to keep an eye out for road signs and contend with traffic going the ‘wrong’ […]

New Yellow Bulb Range Available Now!

Looking for the ultimate original style for your car? You can now buy Yellow JDM Bulbs from us! That’s right, that import French European or JDM style is finally here. We have brought the very best truly yellow bulbs to enhance your style and improve your vision in fog. What began in France introduced by […]

Watch Out for Driving Fines in Europe

This week saw the British Parliament begin the process of increasing fines in the UK and it looks like motorists can expect four-fold increases for motorway and dual carriageway speeding. Maximum motorway speeding fine set to rocket to £10,000 And it is not just speeding; all aspects of poor driving will be targeted, as David […]

Eco Porsche – Green Muscle

“Eco-friendly” is a concept which has become more and more relevant in popular culture since the beginning of the 21st century. It has seeped into every person’s lifestyle, whether at work or at home. So, it is only natural that the ‘green’ way of life would soon extend to cars as well. For those who […]

Surprising Twist for VW’s Vintage Plans

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Wise advice that has been passed down the generations, and when it comes to the motor industry, especially Volkswagen, almost stick to this rule. VW have had great success with a variety of lines such as the Beetle, Golf and Scirocco but instead of radical overhaul they just […]