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By Aidan Tudge Guest Writer, If you were going to play the stereotype game and pair a car with a 20 year old 6’ 3” male, it probably wouldn’t be an MX-5 that was made before he was born. However, I don’t drive my car every day because I want to break a stereotype; Read more

LED Headlights – The FAQs & Facts!

One question we get asked frequently at is ‘Can I upgrade my headlights to LED?’ and unfortunately, the only answer we can give is ‘not yet’… Whilst these products do exist on the market elsewhere, and you can buy a retrofit bulb, WE don’t sell them as the beam pattern and light projection they Read more

Petrol stations: Do they have to be supermarkets?

Have you noticed that the queues for petrol are getting longer? Not the length, but the time spent waiting for a pump to become free.

And then, when you are queuing to pay, 8 times out of 10 you’re behind someone doing their weekly shop. When did the petrol stations become a supermarket?

Why do some signs have a yellow background?

You might have seen these signs all over the place but do you know what they stand for? This blog explains it all… celebrates ‘Amazing British Drivers’ for the Silverstone GP

The British GP has finally come round, so we thought there’s no better time to celebrate all the Motorsport Legends we’ve had through the years…

Britain’s produced many of the top drivers in Formula 1 history, including 19 grand prix winners, and 10 World Drivers’ champions.

Gadget Dads or Fixer Dads?

With Father’s Day around the corner, we’re asking customers “which kind of Dads do you know?” Gadget Dads or Fixer Dads? A Gadget Dad is someone who just has to have the latest Gadget, whatever it takes! They embrace new technology and are always finding new ways to do things. Gadget Dads aren't usually fussed Read more

McAdam – The Making Of Roads

There is a temptation for modern day motorists and pedestrians to take the development and maintenance of road networks for granted. We may love to complain about potholes and road works, but these days the majority of roads are relatively smooth and easy to navigate. The same could not be said about the state of Read more

Bright Sparks; Mary Anderson and the Wiper-blade.

It's easy to take innovations such as the wiper blade for granted in our technologically sophisticated world. We rely upon these mechanisms as essential means of enhancing the visibility during bad weather days. However, American inventor Mary Anderson grew up in a period prior to the widespread integration of the wiper blade. She made a Read more

Tested: Britain’s Cheapest Car…

by @johniparker After looking for a cheap new car as an antidote to keeping the mileage down on my classics, I was lured into the draw of a new car for under £6000. That car was the Dacia Sandero. After being drawn in by the sub-£6K price tag, I opted for the mid-range ‘Ambience’ model, Read more

Karshine – Spring Cleaning made easy

At, we’re proud to introduce the Karshine range as part of our line-up of car care products. Karshine brings great value, trade quality products to the home car care market. The range offers something for every car, that can help it look it’s best inside and out! With the much improved weather and the Read more