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Colour Explained

This is what colour to expect from the bulbs in the Kelvin Colour Temperature Scale. Examples would be 3000K as a warm yellow light, 5000K as a pure white, and 8000K would be a ice blue light.



Canbus Explained

Many modern cars with advanced ECU systems will require the bulbs to be CAN Bus compatible. This means it wont show up as a blo


Bulb Size


Bulb Size Explained

Bulb Size – This is the actual fitting of the bulb. If you do not know which fitting your vehicle takes, use the bulb finder to the right of the screen.

Direction of Light


Direction of Light Explained

This explains whether the light emitted from the LED is spread (360) or projected.

LED Sidelight bulbs

A range of high quality car and motorcycle LED sidelight bulbs, available in a variety of colours and sizes

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245 ABD 3 LED 12V BA15s Bayonet Bulb White
SKU: 245LED3W-1
| Customer Rating:

The 245 3 x LED LEDs produce an excellent extra bright white light perfect for your side or tail light. New LED technology improves bulb life now lasting up to 4,000 hours

In Stock

501 Twenty20 LED 12V W5W Sidelight Canbus Wedge Bulbs (Pair)
| Customer Rating:

  • No warning lights with these!
  • Get rid of those ugly yellow bulbs
  • Will match up with other upgrade headlights if fitted
  • When your car gets old and everything starts to die, these will still be going!

In Stock

501 Twenty20 5 LED 12V W5W Sidelight Wedge Bulb (White, Blue, Red & Amber)
| Customer Rating:

  • Crisp bright light far greater than your dull standard bulbs
  • Fit and forget with an impressive 3,000 to 4,000 hour bulb life
  • Available in white, red, amber and blue
  • A perfect upgrade product to keep safe and stylish on the road

In Stock
RRP: £12.99  | save 38%

501 ABD 13 LED 12V W5W Sidelight Wedge Bulb
SKU: 501LED13LWW-1
| Customer Rating:

  • Extra Long and Highest output for maximun light
  • Available in white 4,5 and 6000K options and also Amber
  • The best sidelight upgrade
  • Only requires less than 2 Watt power

  • In Stock
    RRP: £9.99  | save 15%

    501 ABD 5 LED 12V W5W Interior Wedge Bub (Assorted Colours)
    SKU: 501LED6R-1
    | Customer Rating:

    Special Clearance Offer
    Buy one for 1.50 or a pair for 2.00

  • Available in Blue, Green, Red and Amber
  • Great for interior mood lighting
  • Up to 4,000 hour bulb life
  • Only limited stocks - When there gone there gone!

  • In Stock
    RRP: £5.99  | save 75%

    501 ABD LED 12V W5W Interior Mood Lighting & Dashboard Wedge Bulb (Assorted Colours)
    SKU: 501LED1B-1
    | Customer Rating:

    From as little as only 0.70p each
    Buy one for 1.25, a pair for 2.00 or 10 for only 7.00
    • Fantastic for Interior mood lighting or dashboard applications
    • Full 360 degree light output
    • Available in White, Blue, Red, Amber & Green.
    • Up to 2000 hour bulb life
    • Saves battery life as only requires less than 1 Watt power

    In Stock
    RRP: £3.99  | save 69%

    233 ABD 2 LED 12V T4W Side & Tail Canbus Bayonet Bulb
    SKU: 233LED2CAN-1
    | Customer Rating:

    Special 233 LED Super Bright bulb for cars with sidelight bulb warning and Canbus systems. Available in White and Blue.
    In Stock

    501 Twenty20 1 LED 12V W5W Number Plate & Interior Wedge Bulbs (Pair)
    SKU: 501LED1SBW-1
    | Customer Rating:

    • Want to match the colour of your HID Xenon bulbs? The light that our LED bulbs emits, perfectly matches the light colour of HID Xenon Lighting.
    • Want a LED bulb that wont blow after 5 minutes? Our LEDs last up to 50,000 hours, thats why we guarantee them for 3 years!
    • Dont want an LED bulbs thatll drain your battery? No worries, our LED bulb uses less than 1W of power!

    Out of Stock: please call for alternatives

    207 ABD 3 LED 12V R5W Sidelight Bayonet Bulb (White & Red)
    SKU: 207LED3W-1
    | Customer Rating:

    • Perfect upgrade from your dull standard bulbs
    • Crisp vivid light to perfectly match upgraded HIDs and xenons
    • Fit and forget with up to 4,000 hours of bulb life
    • Available in white and Red.

    In Stock

    233 ABD 5 LED 12V T4W Side & Tail Bayonet Bulb
    SKU: 233LED5EP-1
    | Customer Rating:

    The 233 LED Extreme Power 1.5W 360 Degree bulb produces one of the brightest and purest white lights from an LED. The LED is manufactured to the highest quality and has a full 12 month warranty.
    In Stock
    RRP: £12.99  | save 45%

    233 ABD 1 LED 12V T4W Side & Tail Bayonet Bulb
    SKU: 233LED1SB-1
    | Customer Rating:

    Special Offer
    Buy one for 4.00 a pair for 7.50

  • Single 1W high power LED
  • Emits a clean, focused white light
  • Spot light style for that intense look
  • Long life SMD LED technology

  • In Stock
    RRP: £9.99  | save 60%

    233 ABD 9 LED 12V T4W Side & Tail Bayonet Bulb
    SKU: 233LED9W-1
    | Customer Rating:

    233 9x LED Car Bulb Extreme Power - White
    In Stock

    233 ABD 3 LED 12V T4W Side & Tail Bayonet Bulb
    SKU: 233LED3W-1
    | Customer Rating:

    The excellent 233 extra bright LED bulbs are a direct replacement for your vehicles standard 233 T4W sidelight bulbs. They produce a powerful pure led white light and last up to 4,000 hours.
    In Stock

    233 ABD Amber LED 12V T4W Interior Bayonet Bulb
    SKU: 233LED4A-1
    | Customer Rating:

    These 233 LED Quad Bulbs are a direct replacement for your cars standard 233 T4W bulbs. They will give you a pure LED light and last much longer than a filament bulb. Available in Amber.
    In Stock

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    14 products found  See All
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    LED Sidelight bulbs

    Give your car or motorcycle a distinctive custom look with our range of LED sidelight bulbs. These bulbs are available in a variety of sizes and colours, but please check they will fit, as some are bigger than standard bulbs.

    Generally, the more individual LEDs the brighter the bulb. 360 degree bulbs are designed for use in fittings with reflectors, while the LED sidelight bulbs with the LEDs on a single face will work in any fitting.

    Check out the new Twenty20 range, exclusive to ABD.co.uk

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