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  • Maximum Vision – Do you want the most light possible on the road? This is the option for you.

  • Green/Eco – If you want to save petrol as well as the environment you want this option.

  • Vision & Style – Are you looking to stand out from the crowd and add some style to your headlights? Select this option.

  • Long Life – If you dont want to have to change your bulbs any time soon, fit and forget, then this is what you are looking for.

  • Off Road – If you are looking to see as far as possible off the road or to look great at a show, these bulbs are for you.

  • Standard Bulbs – If youre looking to replace a broken or blown bulb like for like then here it is. Now youre here why not have a look at upgrading to a safer and brighter bulb.



H1 (55W) Headlight Bulbs

Headlight bulbs in H1 fitting for Cars, Motorcycles and Vans. Use the filter on the left to refine the product list

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H1 Twenty20 Daylight Upgrade Headlight Bulbs +100%
SKU: TWD448-2
| Customer Rating:

Great Introductory offer
Buy one pair for only 17.50 or two pairs for just 32.50
  • Protect yourself and your passengers with Twenty20 vision.
  • 2 Yr Guarantee! The longest for any high vision bulb.
  • Give yourself longer to react with 100% more light.
  • Direct replacement, no modifications needed.

In Stock

H1 Ring XENON Ultima +120% Headlamp Bulb 55W (Pair)
SKU: RW1248
| Customer Rating:

  • World first to produce up to 120% more light for increased visibility
  • 100% Xenon Gas to improve bulb brightness
  • Longer beam pattern for greater light output to enhance road signs
  • Street legal and a simple upgrade form standard bulbs

In Stock
RRP: £32.56  | save 42%

H1 OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited +110% Upgrade Xenon Headlight Bulbs (Pair)
| Customer Rating:

  • Brand New Osram Night Breaker Unlimited
  • Up to 110% more light than standard halogen lamps for increased night vision
  • 35 metre longer light beam allowing hazards along the road ahead to be seen sooner
  • 20% whiter light to reduce eye strain and making night driving more comfortable.

In Stock
RRP: £27.99  | save 34%

H1 Philips X-treme Vision +130% Headlight Bulbs (Pair)
SKU: 12258XVS2
| Customer Rating:

  • Want to ditch your old standard headlights for something a little brighter? The Philips X-tremeVision +130% provides a great amount of extra light than standard headlights
  • Dull yellow light dragging your car down? Not anymore; these H1 Philips headlights provide a stylish whiter light
  • Want to get the most out of the Philips X-tremeVision +130%? We provide an excellent one year guarantee with these headlights
  • Want your headlights to last longer? The Philips X-tremeVision +130% surpasses previous generations of Philips X-tremeVision headlights

In Stock

H1 OSRAM Silverstar 2.0 bulbs (pair)
SKU: 64150SV2-HCB
| Customer Rating:

  • 60% more light to improve road vision
  • 75M beam pattern helping drivers react to potential hazards sooner
  • Get 2 x more life than your standard bulbs
  • Slightly whiter light than the standard halogen

In Stock
RRP: £20.73  | save 25%

H1 Twenty20 Hybrid Headlight Bulbs
SKU: TWH448-2

  • Dull yellow bulbs? Let the new Twenty20 Hybrid Bulbs bring them back to life
  • Safety and Style in the same tube with 50% more light and 100% more Style
  • Xenon HID appearance without sacrificing vision
  • Protected with a full 2 year guarantee

In Stock

H1 Philips Diamond Vision Upgrade Headlight Bulbs (pair) 12v 55w
| Customer Rating:

  • A high powered styling product to help your vehicle stand out
  • Deep blue bulb coating to create intense white light rated at 5000K
  • Replicate the Xenon HID look with Philips Diamond Vision bulbs
  • Direct replacement for standard halogen bulbs

In Stock

H1 Philips Blue Vision Ultra (pair)
SKU: P12258BVU
| Customer Rating:

  • Xenon HID effect for maximum performance light output
  • Clear and crisp ice white light to improve visibility
  • Closest match to Xenon HID bulbs and fully road legal
  • More light to better reflect road signs and markings

In Stock

H1 ABD 12V 55W Xenon Ice Blue Bulbs (pair)
| Customer Rating:

Special Offer
Buy one pair for 8.99 or two pairs for only 12.99
  • Ice blue headlight bulbs provide a distinctive blue tint
  • 6500K Bright white light to match xenon HID systems
  • Fantastic for styling and helping you stand out from the crowd
  • Fully 'E' marked and road legal

In Stock
RRP: £14.99  | save 40%

H1 OSRAM Cool Blue bulbs 12V 55W (pair)
SKU: 64150CB1-HCB
| Customer Rating:

  • Distinctive blue tinted white light
  • 20% more light for increased visibility on the road
  • Xenon Gas to improve bulb brightness and performance
  • Great for matching up to an existing HID system

In Stock
RRP: £19.45  | save 13%

Yellow H1 Bulb Euro style

  • After that truly original look to your headlights?
  • Cut through horrible foggy mornings with ease
  • That import style, without the import wait
  • Cool yellow look to your reflectors in the day without modifying your headlight

In Stock

H1 Twenty20 Endurance Headlight Bulbs
SKU: TWE448-1

  • Massive 4 year guarantee re-writes the rule book on bulb endurance.
  • No one likes changing bulbs but when they last this long, you won't have to.
  • The pinnacle of safety reducing the risk of a blown bulb with 300% more life.

In Stock

H1 OSRAM Ultra Life 12V 55W Bulb
SKU: 64150ULT-1
| Customer Rating:

  • Superb Long Life headlight bulbs
  • World first 3 year Guarantee
  • Improved brightness for maximum light output and visibility
  • Silver tipped for excellent design and styling

In Stock

H1 Rally All Weather 100W (Pair) Special Offer
SKU: 448AW
| Customer Rating:

Special Offer
Buy one pair and get a second pair absolutely FREE
  • Perfect in all weather conditions especially heavy rain and fog
  • 100W bulb for off road, display and competition purposes
  • Powerful bright light with a yellow tint to maximise vision

In Stock

H1 OSRAM Cool Blue Hyper 5000K Headlight Bulbs
SKU: 62150CBH
| Customer Rating:

  • Maximum performance for maximum visibility
  • Distinctive blue tint within an HID Xenon white light
  • For off road use only and 5000K Colour Temperature
  • Great for matching up to an existing HID system

In Stock

H1 Replacement Halogen Bulb
SKU: CO448
| Customer Rating:

  • The classic replacement bulb, simply gets the job done
  • 100% better than a blown bulb
  • Dont risk your safety travelling with a blown headlight bulb
  • Road legal and will pass your MOT

In Stock

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16 products found  See All
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H1 (55W) Headlight Bulbs

H1 fitting, 55 Watt headlight bulbs for cars, motorcycles and vans.

If you are looking for brighter bulbs, have a look at the new Twenty20 range, exclusive to Autobulbs!

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