382 Twenty20 HF0 LED Indicator Bulbs

382 Twenty20 HF0 LED Indicator Bulbs
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382 Twenty20 HF0 LED Indicator Bulbs

The latest 382 LED bulbs fresh out of the Twenty20 labs designed to eliminate hyper-flashing!

Twenty20 designs and builds innovative LED car bulbs for road users that are paving the way for future technologies.

This time around, they've produced a super bright 382 LED bulb that is not only covered by a 3 year guarantee but also contains brand new technology that removes hyper-flashing.

What Is Hyper-Flashing?

Hyper-flashing or "rapid flashing" occurs when you change the technology for your car bulbs from halogen to LED. This is because LED bulbs use less power than standard halogen bulbs and this causes a drop in the circuit's resistance. When this happens, your bulbs will appear to flash really fast hence the name "hyper-flashing".

It's very frustrating when this happens and can cause drivers to panic.

How To Solve Hyper-Flashing?

Before this technology came around there was a very simple solution that most drivers used because it's classed as a "sure fix".

The best way to combat hyper-flashing is to buy an LED resistor kit where you put between the positive and negative wire of the LED bulb, creating a bridge between that raises the load for the entire circuit.

No More LED Resistors Required!

The time for "tapping wires" to fix your hyper-flashing LED's is well and truly over!

Twenty20 has implemented technology that's not only CAN-bus compatible but instead the 382 LED bulbs eliminate hyper-flashing all together.

Super Bright LED 382 Car Bulbs

Not only are these indicator bulbs resistant to hyper flashing but they also produce up to 1,800 lumens.

The amount of light produced is more than double that of other LEDs in the market.

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Clever things that you can pop into your car without having to mess around with resiators. So no hyper flashing! They are nice and bright as well. The only disadvantage is to your pocket as they cost a bit.

Advantages: Bright, no resistors for hyper flashing

Disadvantages: Expensive, quite fat and heavy.
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This customer purchased the item at our site.
Another vast improvement over the OEM equipment

Advantages: So much brighter, so simple to install, just plug in and admire the vast improvement. So much safer in the gloom of early winter morning commutes

Disadvantages: None, well worth the money
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