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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer (usually in the browser or your hard drive) and they're used to communicate data to the website.

What do you use Cookies for?

The cookies on our website can change from time to time, but we use cookies for the following purposes:

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies are needed to ensure the website operates correctly. These are integral to the use of the website and without them, the website simply wouldn't work.

Examples of these cookies are for the navigation, parts finder lookup tool and the checkout process.

While it is possible for you to disable these cookies in your browser, it is not recommended.

Personalisation and Optimisation Cookies

These are cookies that are used to personalise and optimise the website to you. This allows us to present you products and information throughout the website that are relevant to the things you look at. For example if you are looking at car shampoo, we may also suggest you check out the wash mitts as a complementary product.

Another example of this is location optimisation. By using your IP to get an idea of your general location (to the nearest city), it allows us to ensure the correct delivery information is displayed to you.

Behaviour and Analytical Cookies

These cookies are used to anonymously track how you use our website. These do not allow us to see anything personal about you, but they do allow us to see which parts of the website you are visiting. This data is aggregated into analytics software such as Google Analytics which we can use to identify areas of the website that we can improve.

We may also use optimisation software that allows us to present different website content to different groups of people (called A/B testing) to see which version is better for you as a website visitor.

Marketing and Advertising Cookies

These cookies record which pages you have visited on our website to help us know where our external advertising and marketing efforts are working and not working. These are often provided by third party service providers such as Google Adwords and Facebook.

These cookies also allow us to personalise future ads based on the products and pages you have visited on our website. For example if you visit our wiper blade pages, you may at some point in future see some adverts from us promoting wiper blades.

By continuing to browse our website, you are providing consent for us to use these cookies for the above purposes. All browsers have the ability to delete cookies at any time. Please refer to your browser specific settings to find out how to do this. By deleting cookies, you may find some aspects of the website no longer work as before (e.g. saved product searches).