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Guides to Driving in Europe by ABD.co.uk

European flagsDriving overseas can be daunting the first time you try it, but with the increasing costs of both air travel and car hire, it can make sense to take your own vehicle overseas.

As well as saving costs, you will get the opportunity to enjoy your own vehicle on roads that are considerably less congested than many in the UK.

Most European countries have similar driving laws, rules and etiquette, but there are some important differences to bear in mind before you travel and during your visit. All these notes assume you are a holder of a UK passport and driving licence, and generally drive in the UK.

If you are planning a longer visit or permanent move to a European country (generally over 6 months, but with some differences), you may have to officially import your vehicle, and exchange your UK licence for a Driving Licence in the country you are visiting

Specific Country Driving Guides: Laws, Regulations and Tips

General European Driving guides

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