H7 HIDS4U Stealth 55W Xenon HID Conversion Kit

H7 HIDS4U Stealth 55W Xenon HID Conversion Kit
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This HID Kit is for the replacement of two headlamp bulbs. The kit contains two HID bulbs and two ballasts


This HID Kit is for the replacement of two headlamp bulbs. The kit contains two HID bulbs and two ballasts

Stealth Kits from HIDS4U offer the very best in aftermarket Xenon HID Lighting. Compared to standard Halogen Bulbs, Xenon HID (High Intensity Discharge) gives a significantly brighter light output, with a stronger beam pattern to better illuminate road markings, signs & potential hazards to create a far safer road experience when travelling at night. Once you’ve upgraded to Xenon HID light, you’ll never want to go back to halogen!


These kits are developed by our in-house engineers, who work closely with the manufacturer to our exacting specifications. The Stealth ballasts are called so, as they use the latest digital technology to make the ballast unit much smaller than many other kits, making them incredibly easy to hide in your vehicle. If however they are on show, the brushed aluminium with braided cables will look at home in any engine bay.

Power Rating

You can choose whether you’d like 35W (*up to 300% more light) or 55W (*up to 400% more light) and with the majority of vehicles accepting either, the choice is yours! (*Than standard Halogen bulbs)


All our Stealth kits are CAN-Bus compatible, ensuring ‘Error-Free’ compatibility with virtually all vehicles, without the ‘blown-bulb’ dashboard warnings that can show with most older & cheaper kits. The ballasts also feature advanced EMF suppression to eliminate radio interference.

Plug & Play

These kits are designed to be 'Plug & Play', meaning no wiring to the vehicle's battery - simply connect to your existing headlight bulb connector. On average, a kit takes around 30 minutes to fit. However, if you have any doubts, this is a simple task for any auto electrician.

Colour Temperature

The kits come in a variety of colour temperatures to suit how you’d like your lights to look.

  • 5000K (White & Bright) - Pure white ‘daylight’, giving the most light output (Recommended)
  • 6000K (Blue Tint) - Blue tinted white light, giving a modern, cool, ice-white look.
  • 8000K (True Blue) - Intense blue, best for styling and an ultra-modern look.

Headlight Type

The type of headlight unit on your vehicle will determine whether you require Reflector or Projector Bulbs. It’s quite easy to check yourself.

  • Reflector - If you look into your headlight unit and can see the bulb, and see the back wall (reflector) of the headlight unit, then you have reflector style headlights and you should use our special anti-glare HID bulbs.
  • Projector - If however, you look into your headlight unit and see what looks like a lens or dome in front of the bulb, this will be the projector type lens. In this case, the projector lens focuses the light much more accurately, so the best option would be our normal (non-reflector) HID bulbs.

Why a Stealth Kit?

With plenty of cheap, inferior quality kits on the market, it’s important to remember that there can be vast differences in terms of performance & reliability from one kit to the next. Through extensive R&D testing of competitor’s kits, we know that the cheaper systems produce less light output, incorrect beam patterns, slower start up, with increased glare & compatibility issues.

Warranty & Support

Due to the high quality components used in both the bulbs & ballasts, we have such confidence in the product, that we can proudly offer a no-quibble 2 year warranty. To make fitting the kit even easier, we’ve written our own comprehensive instruction manual, as well as a handy fault-finding guide. Should you ever encounter any difficulties, we’re at the end of a phone for specialised technical support & service.

Even More Light, with Crystalite

To get the very best from your new headlights, we highly recommend the Crystalite ‘Rapid Headlight Restoration’ Kit from Twenty20. The kit comes with everything you’ll need for crystal clear clarity, to get the very best from your bulbs - as a bulb can only perform to it’s full potential when it’s behind a clear lens. Over time sunlight will remove the UV protection on your headlights and this can lead them to be dull, yellowed and oxidised. Crystalite not only brings them back to life looking like new, but will replace that all important UV protection. With no creams, polish, tape or drills, it’s incredibly easy to apply and anyone can do it, in minutes.

Stephen Lee-Amies
Aug 21, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Awesome. Easy to install in my 2007 Saab 93 convertible.

Advantages: I can now see to drive at night. Excuse the pun but they are brilliant.

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage is that they have made the side lights and main beam look so yellow that I have now got to replace them with whiter bulbs. A small price to pay.
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John Richardson
Apr 13, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I was amazed about the kit it came with all the bits and fairly simple to click together (cant get it wrong) Just plug all the parts together including bulb place onto the car and plug in the two spade terminals into the dipped headlight socket. If the lights don't work simply reverse polarity on the two spade terminals mark the cables with some tape once tested install the unit.

Advantages: The advantages of the light is extremely noticeable and the road light gives a great view of the road in those dark lanes and on motorways

Disadvantages: I don't see any disadvantages. The only comment is the instructions could be a great deal simpler with diagrams for instructions rather than all the written instruction which the lay person gets confused. but a great product
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Andrei Viscu
Apr 12, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Bought the 55W kit with 6000K bulbs for by MK2 TT. Very impressed and very happy with it, can't believe I haven't done it sooner!
Made my Osram Nightbreakers Halogen bulbs look almost orange in comparison. 6000k bulbs start of with a blue tint, but as soon as the bulbs warm up, the light becomes pure white, which is awesome. Would recommend 100%

Advantages: Easy to fit;
Quality feel;

Disadvantages: None.
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Rune Johannesen
Mar 29, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great product, small ballast, igniter and decoder. Easy to install and no error codes on Skoda Fabia MK3 model 2018 with projector headlights. 5K is a little greenish in color, but i dunno if it needs a little burn in.
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Alan Bennett
Jun 17, 2017
Ordered this HID kit for my 2012 Hyundai ix35. Service from ABD was great. Product and instructions excellent. Fitted the kit okay, unfortunately had a problem that the car electrics did not fire the igniters for both bulbs every time. A call to ABD suggested 3 possible solutions. I decided to swap the Ballasts for 35W types. These are now on and working great. Highly recommend this company and products.
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Tony Edwards
Oct 31, 2016
The best thing since real daylight !!!
I will not drive any car or motorbike without HIDs again.
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Tom Ruston
Oct 24, 2016
Great product easy to install. It's says 3X/4X brighter then standed bulb I wouldn't go that far but it is an improvement.
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ian richmond
Oct 24, 2016
I drive up to the moors above where I live twice everyday, on narrow wall lined lanes and often in murky conditions or the dark. I am highly impressed with the conversion kit and especially the superior illumination. the kit was a tight fit in the Fabia and took an hour to fit but it is worth every penny.
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Chris Beard
Oct 8, 2016
After it arrived opened the box read instructions only to be
Seeing two yellow wires hmmm so got out my wiring gauge and found which was which connected the supplied red wire to power yellow wire
Then connected the other yellow to the black took covers off of the bulbs tested and wow daylight so fitted if all wow what a difference
Very good very pleased
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Stephen Clarke
Aug 29, 2016
This kit was easy to fit, keeps the beam pattern of my lights and doesn't interfere with the radio.
When you turn the lights on, there is a buzzing noise, but this goes within a few seconds.
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Bulb Size H7
Wattage 55W
Approx Light Increase +400% Brighter
Bulb Life 2000 Hours
CAN-Bus (Error-Free) Compatible Yes
Input Voltage 12V DC
Voltage Output 85V AC
Ballast Dimensions 90mm x 75mm x 20mm
Ballast Type Digital
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