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HID Kits - Information

The Xenon HID kit is becoming more and more popular in the UK. The advantages they offer over a standard halogen bulb are quite outstanding.

HID kits use a completely different technology to a halogen filament bulb. A gas discharge bulb has two electrodes in a sealed tube with Xenon gas. A voltage of around 24,000V is applied to the electrode by a ballast unit which creates an arc of intense light, igniting the Xenon gas in the sealed tube. This arc of light is much more intense than the light created by a filament bulb and can give up to 400% improved vision.

The light created by these HID kits is much whiter and closer to daylight at a colour temperature around 6000K which is much easier for the eyes to focus on, therefore reducing driver fatigue at night. Another great advantage is that road signs are illuminated much more effectively. But of course, the major advantage is the overall increase of light it puts onto the road. With a much longer and wider spread of light, these HID kits increase vision and safety dramatically.

We offer HID conversion kits in various colour temperatures:

  • 4300K is often used in factory fitted HID headlights, and is available in D2S, D2R and D1S bulbs. It's a white light with a slight hint of yellow, although still whiter than halogen bulbs. It provides the maximum light output
  • 5000K is a pure white light, and is available is most of our HID conversion Kits
  • 6000K is white with a hint of blue, and gives a great 'customised' look, while still providing a good level of light output and visibility. This is our most popular colour for a HID conversion kits
  • 8000K is the richest blue tint we have available for HID headlights. The light output is lowered but the 8000K HID kits really stand out, giving your vehicle that unique look.

ABD.co.uk have kits available for standard vehicles, and those with Can-Bus bulb warning wiring, and are available as full kits (both headlights) or half kits for a single headlight, especially motorcycles.

Aftermarket HID kits are very popular and offer a huge advantage over standard bulbs. Our HID kits have passed all relevant safety and emissions tests, with the ballasts also having passed E4 approval. The light produced has the correct positioning and focal length to ensure the optimum use of your existing headlights. However, aftermarket HID kits have yet to be approved by the EU regulations so are sold for off road and display purposes only.

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