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Osram Night Breaker Headlight Bulbs

OSRAMs' entire range of upgrade headlight bulbs are available at!

Night Breaker Laser +130%

At the top of the tree is the Night Breaker Laser. With up to 130% more light on the road, they are the highest output OSRAM halogen bulbs to date. They can provide up to 40 extra metres of beam reach, making hazards easier to see and your reactions faster. Just like every other Night Breaker they are also 20% whiter, making for less strain on the eyes.

Available in H4 and H7

Night Breaker Unlimited +110%

Next up is the previous winners of every bulb test the Night Breaker Unlimited. With up to +110% more light the Unlimited's where a revolutionary product when they first came out. Making for safer easier road journeys the extra brightness will never go amiss. With a 20% whiter light they also give you less strain on the eyes during night.

Available in H4,H7,H1,H11,H8,HB3,HB4