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Ring Xenon Upgrade Headlight Bulbs

Up To 150% More Light on the Road!

Ring Xenon Max

Drivers looking to achieve maximum light output from their vehicles and significantly boost their safety levels may wish to consider investing in a pair of Ring Upgrade Headlight bulbs.

Ring Xenon150 Ring were the first company to release the ground breaking Xenon Max +100% bulbs, which they followed up with a first to market +120% Xenon Ultima bulbs. Always at the forefront of technology, they now boast up to 150% more light than a standard bulb.

The Ring Xenon range of upgrade headlight bulbs are ideal for those who regularly drive down unlit country roads and require greater headlight performance and driver safety.

Moreover, the cleaner and whiter light means drivers can see road markings and signs more clearly than with standard lights, as well as pedestrians, cyclists and animals. Any debris in the road is visible from up to 75 metres away on a dipped beam, meaning that drivers have more time to react compared to using regular bulbs.

Fully road legal and UV protected, the bulbs are suitable for use in plastic lenses, and are a direct replacement with no wiring or headlight fitting changes required. They are perfect for motorists who want improved performance without having to convert to a Xenon HID system.