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  • Upgrade bulbs – Bulbs in this category will give you more light, style improvement, longer life, better economy or even a combination.

  • Standard bulbs – Bulbs in this category are a simple replacement for your existing standard bulb. There is no performance or styling improvement with these bulbs.

  • Off Road – Bulbs in this category are brighter than standard bulbs due to a higher wattage, or have an extreme style beyond standard guidelines. Bulbs in this category are for off road use only.

  • Truck 24V – Bulbs in this category are 24V bulbs specifically for Trucks and other 24V vehicles.

  • Classic Car – Bulbs in this category are bulbs to fit the older classic car headlights.



Upgrade Side indicator bulbs

A range of silver coating, longer life or coloured upgrade side indicator bulbs. Please use the left hand filter to refine your search

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501 OSRAM Amber Diadem Chrome 12V 5W WY5W Side Indicator Bulbs (Pair)
SKU: 2827DC-02B
| Customer Rating:

  • Give your indicators a modern distinctive style.
  • Designed with chrome surface to eliminate the fried egg effect.
  • Excellent upgrade from standard 501 indicator bulbs.
  • 1 year warranty for peace of mind.

In Stock

501 OSRAM Ultra Life 12V 5W W5W Wedge Bulbs (Pair)
SKU: 2825ULT-02B
| Customer Rating:

  • Never worry about changing your bulbs with 3x more life than standard bulbs.
  • Keep your lights on during daylight hours knowing they will last.
  • Also looks good in the headlamp due to silver tip.
  • 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

In Stock

501 Twenty20 Endurance 12V 5W W5W Wedge Bulbs (Pair)
| Customer Rating:

  • If you're looking for a bulb that's going to last for positively ages, Twenty20 Endurance bulbs are the perfect solution.
  • These hard-wearing bulbs are incredibly resistant to vibration & temperature with a heavy duty filament, making sure they won't need changing any time soon.
  • Whopping 4 Year Guarantee is especially popular with high mileage drivers, taxis & commercial vehicles.
  • Packaged in unique frustration-free tubes that are highly protective and reusable, meaning minimal waste!

In Stock

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3 products found  See All
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Upgrade Side indicator bulbs

Upgraded side indicator (side repeater) bulbs with silver coatings, long life and coloured options.

These can be used to subtly change the look of your vehicle. Silvered bulbs look better under clear lenses, while the blue coated bulbs give a whiter light to match Xenon headlight bulbs. Long life side indicator bulbs gives increased durability over the standard bulbs

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